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CBC Radio's "The Current": PTSD not just a military disorder

Ute Lawrence never went to war and never saw a conflict zone.  But she did find herself on the wrong stretch of highway one September day 13 years ago.  And that's when everything changed. Once of Canada's most deadly highway pileups sent her on a lonely, uncharted journey through the world of PTSD.

Listen to the interview here:

National Post: Healing oneself, healing others

Ten years ago, Ute Lawrence was living a full life. An independent woman with a positive outlook who had launched her first magazine publishing business in 1980—a rare thing for a woman to do in those days—she was publisher of Limited Edition magazines, distributed in 23 markets in Canada and the United States. “Between Christmas and New Year’s, I used to write down my goals for the next year and put it in an envelope,” says Ms. Lawrence. “And the next Christmas, I would open it and tick off all the goals I’d achieved.” None were ever left unticked.

Sept. 3, 1999, changed all that, suddenly and horrifically.   Keep reading ...