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The State of Ease

Learning to access our personal space of “inner-ease” can be done with minimum practice and in just a little time. When operating in an ease-mode, it’s easier to choose less stressful perceptions and attitudes and re-create “flow” in our daily routines.

Why Do Yoga?

Recent studies show that approximately 20 million North Americans practice yoga.  Why?  If you’re amongst this group, you will know that put simply, yoga makes you feel better.  This ancient practice that has migrated from India seems to be exactly the remedy for our times.  If practiced regularly, yoga increases our physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Healing Life's Traumas

For Sara—who asked that her real name not be used—being grounded literally means feeling her feet on the floor; being present means knowing where she is and what's going on around her. These are things she can't feel when she's suddenly jerked into the past, reliving episodes of her ex-husband's violence, like the night he chased her through the house and pushed through every door she hid behind.

Trauma and The Spiritual Path

When I first became interested in the connection between spirituality and trauma recovery, I found that many people in mainstream health and healing programs felt that spirituality was a bit too much for someone “just trying to get by.” In other cases, there was an assumption that spirituality and religion are the same, and that religion was really not a necessary element of treatment. These were encounters of a healing model that placed spirituality at the end of the line, and certainly not at the beginning.