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 Our online mental fitness programs are designed for people with PTSD and other trauma related problems and for those who support and care for them, including healthcare professionals. 

We will feature interviews, videos and webinars with clinical experts on PTSD, mental, physical, nutritional, behavioural, spiritual and financial health. This virtual classroom offers an integrative approach to managing and overcoming PTSD with emphasis on whole body, mind and spirit. We offer holistic tools to complement traditional methods that can be implemented immediately and will lead from Mental Distress to POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH and optimal living.  

Mental Health or Mental Fitness?

While mental health is a topic that individuals and corporations are starting to talk about more openly, it still carries a stigma and suggests ill health to many people. Our goal with creating the term and the magazine ‘mental fitness’ is to promote positive ways of talking about our mental health and what that means.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is a state of psychosocial well-being. It’s taking  control of how you feel, think and act, choosing a healthier, proactive lifestyle which will improve your ability to enjoy life.

We chose the term MENTAL FITNESS to reflect the positive and proactive journey of discovery essential to guide you from mental distress to mental fitness.

Please note: We are in the in the early development stage of this initiative.  We will be continually adding new content, so please check back often. 

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