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ISTSS 27th Annual Meeting

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Social Bonds and Trauma Through the Life Span

November 3 - 5, 2011
Pre-Meeting Institutes - November 2
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland USA

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About "Social Bonds and Trauma Through the Life Span"
Social bonds have a profound influence in shaping the immediate and long-term response to trauma and the capacity for subsequent recovery. Positive social bonds from early life and throughout the life span provide protection against the adverse psychological effects of trauma, while negative social environments and the absence of social support increase risk for a range of psychological, social and emotional difficulties.

Interpersonal connections and relationships play an important role in the provision of therapy, in the content of treatment, and in the training and support of clinicians. Cultural groups develop social responses and adaptations to overcome trauma at the individual and community levels.

Recent scientific and clinical advances in the field of traumatic stress point to a complex interplay between genetic vulnerabilities and the social environment in predicting outcomes among those exposed to both chronic and acute stressors. Our goal is to provide a forum to discuss the role of social bonds in recovery from trauma, as well as to facilitate networking and the promotion of interpersonal and community resources among all of us.

About the ISTSS Annual Meeting
The ISTSS Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to learn the latest in traumatic stress research, hear about clinical insights and innovations, earn continuing education credits, and network with colleagues.

The 2011 meeting in Baltimore will be the year's largest gathering of professionals dedicated to trauma treatment, education, research and prevention. More than 100 symposia, workshops, panel discussions, cases and media presentations will be presented on a wide variety of topics related to traumatic stress.

The established learning objectives of this meeting are to be able to:

  1. discuss how an early positive attachment to a caregiver or significant individual can facilitate one’s recovery following a traumatic event;
  2. identify two ways you, as a worker in the field of traumatic stress, can improve your own social support and/or connection to the community and;
  3. describe how social support can serve as a protective factor in the face of traumatic stress.

The ISTSS 27th Annual Meeting co-chairs are Christie Jackson, PhD, and Bradley Stolbach, PhD

Start Date: Thursday, Nov 3rd, 2011 8:00 am
End Date: Saturday, Nov 5th, 2011 4:00 pm

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