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The Power of the Horse

"Horses are like a band of legendary Zen masters. They are perfect teachers because they uncover your real motivation. They tell you when you’re wholeheartedly committed or faking it, when you’re making a sacred vow or just paying lip service. Horses see what’s holding you back. And when you find the courage to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward you with a way to overcome them.”

“THE REASON THE HORSE can become such a gifted teacher for us is because he does not need an inner voice. He doesn’t think in words at all. He feels. He experiences the simple energy of his emotional state of being. More than thirty million years of evolutionary pressure have turned the horse into the quintessential prey animal. Rather than using words or vocalizations to communicate — sounds that help a predator pinpoint its prey — horses learned instead how not to talk, how not to make sounds, and how to make sense from being, not thinking. Horses infuse emotional meaning into every body movement. Excerpt from Zen Mind Zen Horse A. Hamilton