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Chanel's Grand Arrival at Belvoir

Chanel arrived at Belvoir Estate May 22, 2017. She settled in almost immediately and is very gentle and sweet. This stunningly beautiful horse is a 10 years old bay thoroughbred and stands 16.2 hands high. In her life before Belvoir she was used as a brood mare and show horse. Now she will be trained to be part of our upcoming Equine Facilitated Learning Programs.  


EQUINE Facilitated LEARNING Programs


“Every time you step into the round pen with a horse, remind yourself that today
you may stand on the threshold of a great new personal discovery.
Each horse, in his own way, is ready to coach you. And when your resolution to change — to work on the person you want to become — becomes heartfelt and sincere, then the horse will reveal his next great secret, his next great gift, to you.
Horses are like a band of legendary Zen masters. They are perfect teachers because they uncover your real motivation. They tell you when you’re wholeheartedly committed or faking it, when you’re making a sacred vow or just paying lip service. Horses see what’s holding you back. And when you find the courage to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward you with a way to overcome them.”
Advice from Zen Mind, Zen Horse by Dr. Allan Hamilton